MUSIC: The Beastie Boys at G-Son Studios/“Pass the Mic” Music Video LOCATION – Atwater Village/Los Angeles, California – Early 1990’s

The Beastie Boys behind G-Son studios - Atwater Village, Los Angeles California - Early 1990s
The Beastie Boys at G-Son studios – Atwater Village/Los Angeles, California – Early 1990’s

According to an article by Eric Ducker originally published on Medium says, “Paul’s Boutique was a commercial failure whose adventurous approach confused listeners that expected Beastie Boys to continue shouting bratty rhymes over brash beats. While making the album, they met the recording engineer Mario Caldato Jr. and for their next album he suggested they build out their own space, free from the costly hourly charges of professional studios. They found a location on what was once a sleepy commercial stretch of Atwater Village. Located in an old ballroom on the second floor, they not only constructed a studio, they also installed half a basketball court and a skate ramp. The only rule was that because of the pharmacy below, they couldn’t make any noise until after 6 p.m. “It was a clubhouse atmosphere,” says Caldato. “It was the most ideal setup that anybody could have.” Dubbed G-Son Studios, it’s where they recorded their third and fourth albums, Check Your Head and Ill Communication. G-Son also became the headquarters of their record label Grand Royal, their magazine of the same name, and the Diamond-affiliated clothing label, X-Large. The steep metal staircase to its back alley entrance was used as a shooting location in the video for “Pass the Mic”  the first single from Check Your Head.”


Former G-Son Studios
3222 North Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90039


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